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Autumn Letter



Happy is everyone who fears the LORD, who walks in his ways.  You shall eat the fruit of the labour of your hands; you shall be happy, and it shall go well with you. [Psalm 128:1-2]


Happy Autumn, Everyone and Welcome to a Season for Giving Thanks!


It seems the summer has passed quickly and fall is approaching rapidly. With it comes the beauty of coloured leaves. the fresh scent of earth preparing for another season and the return of routine to lives filled with friendship and activities. We are blessed with so much and it is with full and gracious hearts that we take time in this season to give thanks.


While we have not joined our United Church brothers and sisters in naming the Season of Creation in our liturgical calendar. we here at Saint James have our own informal Season of Thanksgiving.  While we have, for the past four· years adopted an Ontario tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving and Harvest Thanksgiving (allowing everyone the opportunity to celebrate in the Church even if away for the long weekend). this year we are extending our celebrations by one more Sunday as we will gather with our brothers and sisters at Church of the Apostles in a Celebration of Memories on the Sunday following Thanksgiving Day.  This will be our First Annual Joint Service with next year's being hosted at Saint James.


Psalm 128 tells us that we shall eat the fruit of the labour of our hands. We shall be happy and it shall go well with us. The labour of our hands is, of course, represented by the tokens of our work hobbies and interests that we bring to decorate the Church on Thanksgiving Sunday (09 October) but it truly is also the love that we share with others. the prayers that we offer to God on their behalf and the work we provide as a Church Community through Outreach. the Food Bank and the many ways we exhibit our thankfulness to God throughout the year.


We are called to give thanks and to serve the Lord always.  While it is not difficult to do that as an individual or even as a family unit, there is something very powerful and life-changing when we gather with our Christian brothers and sisters, week by week, sharing in the ebb and and flow of life, supporting one another and encouraging each other.  Through our Baptismal Promises we have ail pledged ourselves to a commitment to Christian Community.  It is through that Community working and worshipping together  that we become stronger and we can truly recognize the truth of the Psalmist's words when he sings happy is everyone who fears the LORD, who walks in his ways. You shall eat the fruit of the labour of your hands; you shall be happy, and it shall go well with you.


Saint James is a community that knows how to work hard, how to love well and how to support one another. During this extended Season of Thanksgiving, I encourage each of you to join us in worship, walk with us in life and to enjoy the fruits of the labours that God has called this Community to share.  You are an integral part of who Saint James is and we need you to join us in our Christian journey just as much as you need us to walk with you as well.


So, come and be happy with us.  Share in the fruits of our labours and give thanks to God with us joyfully!


God bless you all.  And I'll see you soon!


Rachael Parker+

Priest, Pastor, Rector - St. James Anglican Church (Armdale)