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Thanksgiving Letter



Dear Saint James' Family

As I write this Thanksgiving letter, autumn has dawned and with it comes all the joys of a harvest season. This traditional time of bringing in the harvest, wrapping up what was begun in the spring, preparing for the winter to come, brings with it great opportunities to look back at the wondrous gifts God has shared with us and to think ahead with anticipation for the glories and dreams God might yet share with us in the future.


I invite you to join me for our Saint James' Thanksgiving celebrations. On Sunday 04 October, we will join with Payton and Poppy as these two beautiful sisters in Christ will be baptized in our midst and we will have the privilege of welcoming them into the family. On our Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday, 11 October, we will celebrate all the tremendous gifts God has so freely shared with us.


Rather than decorate the Church simply with symbols of the traditional Farmers' Harvest, I invite you to bring in symbols of your harvest. What is your vocation? What are your passions? How does God invite you to bring out all the best in you and how do you help bring out the best in others? When you come to worship bring with you your knitting, basketball, book, gardening tools: anything that symbolizes how you use the gifts and talents God has shared with you. Bring them forward and place them before the altar. Then when people come to Communion they will see the glorious generosity of God's gifts to our community.


Another way that we are celebrating God's gift to all of us of Saint James - community and Church - is in recognizing and working toward making the church and Parish Hall accessible. In the early spring we will be installing a lift in the entrance to the Parish Hall. This will ensure that all members of our community can participate in every event, activity and gathering that we share.


This endeavour will require all of us to pray for the project, to consider how we might both help and benefit from it and how we might contribute to it. The lift and the process of putting in place ramps to the church and Parish Hall entrance will be of a cost to the Parish in the range of $25,000. We will be applying for funding assistance from a source that has previously assisted churches. However, this is a project that benefits all of us and should be supported by all of us.


In this season of Harvests and giving thanks, take some time to pray to God and ask Him how you can join with all of your Saint James Family in contributing to "'lifting" our community.


May God bless and keep you all and may you always remember to count your blessings and give thanks!


Rachael Parker+

Rector - St. James, Armdale