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Easter Letter



What once was, is no longer

What now is is greater than anything we could ask for or imagine!


My Brothers and Sisters in Christ, welcome to a new thing, a new world, a new peace! In the Risen Christ all has been made new, and the Good News is that you have been personally invited to participate in this new thing. This is wonderful news indeed!


As I write this Easter Epistle, it is still Lent but Easter is coming. The days are getting longer, the early morning birds are singing, I have even seen my long-anticipated chipmunk friend darting around the backyard of the Rectory. All of these things remind me that there is so much to anticipate and so much to rejoice in. Spring is coming, the snow will one day melt and the green blade will rise. And as I think on these things, I am reminded that soon I will be shouting the "alleluias" and celebrating that Jesus Christ has indeed risen. Easter, like spring, cannot come quickly enough for me.


As a Christian Church, as believers in community, we celebrate the glorious and wondrous gift God gave to us through His Risen Son, Jesus Christ. We can choose to stay at the foot of the cross, or we can recognize Jesus' hand on our shoulder, urging us to come and follow him beyond the cross and into the new life of a Resurrected Saviour. As a community, we gather at the Easter Vigil and on Easter Morning and live in the glorious promise fulfilled, that death has lost its sting and Jesus Christ has risen, and he has invited us to rise with him. Easter is that moment, or 50-day season, during which we focus on new hope, the fulfilment of promises, looking forward to the glories God has invited us to participate in.


As individual Christians, we don't have to limit ourselves to the liturgical year to celebrate Easter. That glorious day of new birth, of breaking the bonds that have tied us down, of seeing God's creation - and our own lives - through new eyes, can come to us at times completely unexpected. Yes, Easter is a day and a season in the Church Year but Easter can break in upon us unawares at any time.


In the days and weeks ahead, I encourage you to intentionally kneel before the cross - literally or figuratively - lay down your cares and concerns, offer to God your questions and reservations and even your hopes. Place them at the foot of the cross and then wait for the touch of Jesus, the Risen Christ on your shoulder. And when you feel that touch, don't worry about all that you have laid down, just rise with him and allow his love and his glorious sacrifice-which-became-your salvation to nurture you and encourage you and help you to know your own personal Easter Day.


Yes, Jesus did indeed rise from the dead for all of God's children, but he also rose from the dead for YOU! Jesus loves you in ways that you may never have experienced before. Let him love you. Let him save you. Let him accompany you wherever you might go.


Join all of us, your brothers and sisters in Christ as we gather together this Holy Week and Easter. Allow us the privilege of rejoicing as a community. And then, when you awaken to realize you are experiencing your very own, personal Easter Day as well (whenever that might happen) come and celebrate with us then too. Let us sing the alleluias as we celebrate your new birth as well.


God bless you, my friends in Christ. May you know the peace of Christ this Eastertide.


Rachael Parker+

Rector - St. James, Armdale