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Thanksgiving Letter



My dear brothers and sisters in Christ;

We are in that glorious season of the year that brings with it the scent of autumn; the sight of brilliant fall colours; and the call to take stock of the blessings God has generously shared with us and for which we should give thanks.


This "season" of Thanksgiving is one that should see each of us taking time to remember what we have shared in the past year and to look ahead with wonder and hope to what God may surprise us with in the coming year. It is a season of reminders of the incredible abundance that we share and it brings with it a call to share that abundance with all the world. 


As we have done for a couple of years now, in recognition that many of our parishioners are away and with family on the actual Thanksgiving Sunday, we are celebrating on two Sundays. The 5th of October we will celebrate Thanksgiving with all the accoutrements of the festival and on Sunday, 12th of October we will celebrate our very own Harvest Thanksgiving. 


For the 12th, you are invited to bring in a symbol of your personal harvest to decorate the altar and sanctuary of the Church. What do you celebrate in your life? Are you an artist or a gardener? Do you have a hobby or are you a volunteer somewhere? What makes you smile or what calls you to settle down and take time to appreciate? Please bring in a symbol or a sample of your personal harvest to remind all of us that God has been very good to us as individuals and as a congregation. This Harvest Thanksgiving is our opportunity to say "thank you" to God by sharing with others what God has so generously given us first.


Another way that we are able to celebrate and give thanks is by contributing to the ongoing work of this Parish. Did you know that because of your generous contributions throughout the years and through seasonal givings, we, as a Congregation, support such wonderful ministries as Breakfast programmes at St. Agnes Junior High and the Brunswick Street Mission; continuing assistance to youth through Phoenix; help to our brothers and sisters in the North through Canadian Dioceses; school supplies to children in our own Halifax community?


The ongoing and generous stewardship which we share has also enabled us to maintain our wonderful buildings; install new natural gas energy, which will allow us to exercise even better financial stewardship; to offer 3 liturgies weekly; as well as Parish activities; pastoral care; Bible Studies and Alpha; and many more aspects of Christian ministry that make Saint James the vibrant and loving community that it is.


This is indeed a season for Thanksgiving, and I would like to give thanks to all of you who support this Parish and our many ministries. I would like to give thanks to all of you for the prayers and support you offer one to another. And, last but certainly not least, I would like to give thanks to God for you, Saint James, and the work God does continuously through you, in this place. Keep up the good stewardship and God bless you all.


Yours in Christ,

Rachael Parker+

Rector - St. James, Armdale