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Autumn Newsletter

September 8, 2013


Greetings to All on this fantastic September day!


As we prepare to move into the Fall routine, and the pace picks up in life, as well as the Church, I would like to say "welcome back" to all who have spent the summer at cottages, on vacation, visiting loved ones; and to all who have been here all summer I say thank you. Your faithfulness in attendance has been quite heartening and I have so enjoyed seeing you every Sunday morning.


We tried a new thing this summer, maintaining the two Sunday morning services when I was not on holiday and, from my perspective, it was a good decision. Sometimes it is nice to maintain consistency when so much else is in flux. As Autumn begins we will continue with our regular services of Book of Common Prayer at 8:30 and a mix of the old with the new (Book of Alternative Services) at 10:00 am.


That being said, we will be celebrating a Joint Worship Service at 9:30 am, followed by a Pot Luck lunch on 06 October, the week before the Thanksgiving long weekend. We know that plenty of people like to get one more weekend at the cottage or head out to family for the official Thanksgiving weekend, so we are inviting the congregation to give thanks and break bread together as a community the week before.


On the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day, (13 October) we will celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving in Church. You are, like last year, invited to bring a symbol of your harvest: maybe something that represents your work or a hobby, a sport or something else that God has made dear to your heart. You are asked to bring it forward before the service and lay it in front of the altar. It's a different way of Thanksgiving decorating, one that is truer to who we are in the Parish.


Before we arrive at Thanksgiving though, we would like to invite each of you to invite someone else to join us for Back to Church Sunday at both services on 29 September. This is an opportunity for each of us, myself included, to simply ask another person we know to join us for worship and to check out our community. The St. James' Orchestra will be sharing their beautiful music ministry with us at the 10 am service and we will have a special time of Fellowship following that service. Please pick up an invitation from the Narthex to give to a friend, a neighbour, a relative or a co-worker.


It has been a strong desire of the Congregational Development Committee to develop a Sunday School again. As you may know, this has been a struggle for the past few years. So, we need your help. If you would be interested in bringing your children to Sunday School if it was offered regularly, please call the office at 477-6770 or email me at If you would be interested in assisting with Sunday School leadership, please let me know as well.


I do expect that every member of the Congregation will become involved in this by praying for God' s will to be known and done with respect to children & young people and Christian Education in the Parish. We are all called as Christians to pray and to continue to study and mature in the faith. We are also called to do that in Community. So, please pray that God's wisdom and will shall be done here within our St. James' Community.


Please find below a schedule of Christian Education and Discussion opportunities for this fall:

15 Sept noon - Townsend Room Discussion of The Shack

22 Sept noon - Townsend Room Discussion of What's So Amazing

About Grace?

20 Oct noon - Townsend Room Discussion of Too Busy Not to Pray

27 Oct noon - Townsend Room Discussion of Jesus: A

Revolutionary Biography

03 Nov noon - Townsend Room Discussion of A History of God


Evangelism for "Normal" People by John Bowen

8 Mondays from 21 October - 09 December 7-8 pm in the Church Narthex

(Books can be ordered from Augsburg Fortress or Indigo Chapters)


Everyone is also invited to join us on Wednesday mornings at 10 am for BCP Holy Communion in All Souls Chapel, followed by a time of coffee and conversation in the Parish Office.


Our Wednesday Bible Studies will resume on 25 September. We gather in the Narthex of the Church at 11 am for lively and informal discussion and study. This Fall we will be studying the Prophet Daniel (25 Sept - 16 Oct) and The Revelation of John (23 Oct - 11 Dec).
Please note that attendance at the Communion Service and Coffee Hour are not required to join us in study.


Before I finish this letter I would just like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to the entire Parish for the incredible ways that you have welcomed me and my husband, Rob, into your midst in the past year. I am able to honestly answer the question "How is the Parish?" with an enthusiastic "awesome"!


This Church is a place within which I am encouraged to serve my vocation as Priest and the Congregation has become like a family for both Rob and me.


It is my pleasure to pray for you every day. It is my pleasure to stand before you and celebrate the Holy Mysteries every Sunday and Wednesday. It is my pleasure to walk with you on the good days and sit beside you on the tough ones.


God has blessed this Parish of St. James for many, many years. God will continue to bless this Parish through each and everyone of you.


Thank you all and may God bless you this day and forevermore.

Rachael Parker+

Rector - St. James Anglican Church, Armdale (Halifax)