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Thanksgiving 2012


My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ at St. James,


As we enter into the Season of Autumn with the beautiful colours surrounding us, the crispness of the early morning air and the glorious sunsets we are so blessed to share, we are entering into a season of preparation and thinking of tomorrow.


This autumn season provides ample opportunities for us to begin thinking of the future as we prepare gardens for a winter of rest, as cottages and boats are closed up and made ready for a time of quiet and peace and as we re-approach the Church with renewed energy from our summers of rest and relaxation. All that we do to prepare and ready ourselves for the months to come speaks of where our priorities may lie and what we consider to be our treasures.


As Christians in the Church we are challenged to consider where in fact we place our hope and our trust, to evaluate what our treasures may be and what place they take in the life of faith we work at every day. This Season of Thanksgiving provides us with the perfect opportunity to do an inventory, both practical and spiritual, and to rediscover what it is we have to give thanks for.


I invite you to set aside some time each day for the next few weeks to listen for God's voice, to discern what Christ expects you to share with others from your abundance, and to feel the Holy Spirit's gentle guidance as you become aware of what next steps are required of you to prepare for the next seasons of your life.


The seasons of autumn and winter are not necessarily times of quiet and doing "nothing." Quite to the contrary, when exercised carefully and faithfully, these next months can become times of burgeoning hope and spiritual growth for you as an individual Christian and for us as a faith community of St. James, Armdale.


As we all prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, and indeed a whole season for giving thanks, let us be intentional about what we do with what we have. Let us offer our thanks to God with prayers and songs of joy, with gifts of our hearts to each other and the world, with longing to come closer to Christ and in sharing the abundance that God has so graciously and freely shared with us.


This Thanksgiving, if you are able, I invite you to take a step beyond looking at your pantry shelves for canned goods that you can donate to the Food Bank. Call a friend and make a day of fellowship and discipleship by going to the grocery store together and looking for items that you can joyously pick out to help a family who deserves a good Thanksgiving meal, and more meals after that. Remember that when you offer a meal to one of the least, you are offering a meal to Christ himself!


As a Church Community, let's create many meals that are fit for the King himself! Bring in canned goods and non-perishables on the Sundays leading up to and following Thanksgiving. Help our neighbours to know that Christ's love and generosity are flowing to them through their brothers and sisters in Christ who worship and celebrate at St. James, Armdale.


We are a Church Family that has been blessed abundantly in so very many ways. Together let us worship, praise and give thanks to the Lord for the bounty we are privileged to share in and to share with others.


May God bless you all in this glorious season of Thanksgiving.


Rachael Parker+

Rector, St. James Anglican Church, Armdale