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Rector's Sabbatical

Sabbatical message archive


Dear Friends at St. James:


Wendy and I have just completed visits to Philadelphia; Richmond, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina. The weather has been hot and lovely. We took opportunity to visit some significant historic sites. In Philadelphia we visited Independence Hall and Congress Hall. We also spent a morning at Valley Forge National Historic Park. In addition to the historic importance of Valley Forge, the landscape and scenery in and around the Park is beautiful.


The churches in the areas visited were of special interest as part of my sabbatical program. Historic St. Joseph`s Mission and old St. Mary`s Church (both in Philadelphia) have a strong old world feel inside. The stain glass, art work, and subdued lighting give a strong sense of sacred presence. In the same neighborhood as these two churches, The Episcopal Church has converted one of its old churches into a center for Episcopal Social Services. In fact, several of the churches here seem to have very visible outreach ministries.


One of the most interesting studies in contrast to many of the churches visited is Christ Church, Philadelphia.  The building is an outstanding example of period church architecture. There is no stain glass in the church. Natural light pours in through the many clear windows. The pulpit stands out in the sanctuary area and is decorated with an IHS symbol. A number of tablets mounted on the walls commemorate both clergy and laity who were part of Christ Church heritage. As I stood inside the building and reflected on the architecture and historical and political heritage, I thought how well the place reflected the enlightenment. It has been most interesting to see the connection made between church buildings and the historic political heritage of America. For example Washington Memorial chapel at Valley Forge contains a wealth of stain glass. Much of the story told in the windows is about Washington and the themes of American Independence.


We also visited St. John`s Episcopal Church in Richmond Virginia where we enjoyed a fascinating personal tour of the church and its connection, once again, with the period of the American Revolution. It was in St. John`s that gave the pivotal `give me liberty or give me death` speech. In Charleston we did a walking tour of the historic section. It was evening and the church buildings on the tour were closed. We did get to admire St. Michael`s Episcopal Church as well as the ``French church`` which contains the last Huguenot congregation in the United States.


I`m now heading into the remaining half of the sabbatical to do writing and reflecting. We look forward to seeing everyone at St. James, Armdale upon return to parish duties the first weekend of September. Please know that the parish continues to be in my thoughts and prayers.



Rod & Wendy