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Rector's Sabbatical

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Dear Friends at St. James:


On Sunday June 28th we attended the liturgy at Sant Pau del Camp. We visited the church to see the architecture a few days earlier.  This is the oldest church in Barcelona. Located just around the corner from our accommodation, the interior of this lovely ancient parish church has a very meditative feel. It is difficult to believe that this church that is now surrounded by the city of Barcelona was originally surrounded by farmland. According to tradition, St. Paul managed a visit to this general area. The liturgy was in Catalan, a very interesting dialect spoken here in Catalunya.


We also visited Santa Maria del Mar with its interesting Catalan-Gothic architecture.  A wedding was taking place at the time of our visit. We tourists sat quietly in the back until the wedding concluded. The liturgy at St. Pau and the wedding at St. Maria were reminders of the participation of faithful people in these sacred places over the centuries.


We had opportunity on June 29th to enjoy two wonderful vistas of Barcelona. First we saw the city and the bustling port of Barcelona from the historic but sometime infamous Montjuic Castle. The Castle that was used at times as a prison during the rebellion of 1909 and during the Franco regime, will soon host The International Centre for Peace.  Later the same day we saw Barcelona from the heights of Park Guell --another example of the creative work of Antoni Gaudi (see Sagrada Familia in our earlier posting). We admired the splendid Gaudi designs.  Live classical Spanish guitar music greeted visitors beneath one of Gaudi's terraces. The day as a whole was a kind of metaphor for every society. I thought of the need to remember the past and the sacrifices of previous generations (Montjuic Castle) while anticipating the future with hope and vision (Park Guell). It is difficult to leave this fabulous weather and this exciting city. Tomorrow we head back to North America and journey to Philadelphia.



Rod & Wendy



Click on photographs to enlarge them:


Rod and Wendy in Barcelona



St. Pau del Camp, Barcelona, the parish church in the neighborhood of our accommodation.



Rod at the Louvre between the "winged bulls" from the palace of Sargon II



Pentecost window at St. Maria del Mar, Barcelona



Wendy in Paris



Wendy in Barcelona