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A very big and a very special "thank you."


Dear friends at St. James:


We wish to extend a very big thank you to the people of St. James Parish for the lovely Tea on Sunday April 29th that afforded us an opportunity to greet so many people. A special word of thanks is extended to those who planned and hosted The Tea, to all those who made presentations and to those who spoke. The day was so characteristic of the social life and heartfelt fellowship at St. James.


The presentations made to us were most thoughtful and carefully chosen.  The MacAskill print of the North West Arm will hang in a prominent place in our new home. It is a lovely reminder of The Arm and the great view we enjoyed while living in the rectory. The Nova Scotian Crystal candle lamps are fabulous. Both of these gifts will be a springboard for conversation in our home about our very happy fourteen years in your parish. The floral presentation to Wendy was beautiful and found its way from Armdale to our new home in fine style. The drawing and song presented by the young people of the parish earlier in the day, the moving and beautifully done choir anthem and the compilation volume "Letters from Rod" are each a wonderful reminder of a long and satisfying ministry in your midst. It was a privilege to have an impromptu book signing and to chat with so many of you while doing so.


We wish to thank the many people who over the past while have expressed kind sentiments, well wishes, and gave us cards and remembrances and hugs.


Finding the best word to describe the occasion is a challenge; but if we had to pick a single word it would be "overwhelmed". We are simply overwhelmed by your appreciation and thoughtfulness.


Once a new rector arrives, has put down roots, and has had opportunity establish new relationships with you, then we may have opportunity to come and visit for worship. We will think of the people of St. James often.  We will remember our time with you always.


-(The Rev. Canon) Rod & Wendy Gillis