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Mothers' Union


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The Mothers' Union is a worldwide organization of the Anglican Church.  Here in our own parish, our chapter meets the second Wednesday each month.  Twice a year (fall and spring) all the Diocesan groups are invited to meet together.  Once every four years there is a meeting of all Mothers' Union groups across the country.  Mothers' Union is concerned with upholding and supporting marriage and Christian family life.  Visitors are welcome anytime.  Membership is open to those who are baptized and support the aims of the Canadian Mothers' Union.


- Recipes Shared

(The St. James Mothers' Union Recipe Book Copyright 2003)


- Stretch Your Food Dollar

(The St. James Mothers' Union Recipe Book Copyright 2009)


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Christmas (2013)

Christmas (2011)

Christmas (2010)

Christmas (2009)

Twentieth Anniversary (2003)

Valentine Day Tea (2006-Feb-11)

Valentine Day Tea (2007-Feb-10)

Valentine Day Tea (2008-Feb-9)

Valentine Day Tea (2009-Feb-14)

Valentine Day Tea (2010-Feb-13)

Valentine Day Tea (2011-Feb-12)

Valentine Day Tea (2012-Feb-11)

Valentine Day Tea (2014-Feb-08)


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