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Music at Services

[Hymns Archives]


January 31, 2016  Epiphany 4 – Proper 4

Prelude Faith and Hope Rossini

Processional Hymn: 434 The love of Jesus calls us

Psalm 71: 1-6 “From my mother’s womb you have been my strength”

Gradual Hymn: 450 You call us, Lord, to be

Anthem: The Gift of Love Hal Hopson

Offertory Hymn: 486 (to Hyfrydol) Love divine, all love excelling

Communion Music:

Love Rossini

Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost Friedrich Filitz

Recessional Hymn: 435 Take my life and let it be

Postlude: Cujus animam Rossini


January 24, 2016 – Epiphany 3 - Proper 3

Preludes: Adagio Felix Mendelssohn

Processional Hymn: 306 (Richmond) O for a thousand tongues

Psalm 19 “The words of the Lord are spirit and life”

Gradual Hymn: 450 You call us, Lord, to be

Anthem: The Heavens Are Telling Beethoven

Offertory Hymn: 487 (Twenty-Fourth) Where charity and love prevail

Communion Music:

Andante religioso Felix Mendelssohn

Take Up Your Cross Felix Mendelssohn

Recessional Hymn: 433 (Abbot’s Leigh) Lord, you give the great commission

Postlude: Allegro e Vivace Felix Mendelssohn


January 17, 2016 – Epiphany 2 – Proper 2

Prelude: Andante Josef Haydn

Processional Hymn: 384 (Lobe den Herren) Praise to the Lord, the almighty

Psalm: 36: 5-10 “We feast on the riches of your house, O Lord”

Gradual Hymn: 450 You call us, Lord, to be

Anthem: From the Rising of the Sun F.A.Gore Ouseley

Offertory Hymn: 437 (Sicilian Mariners) Jesus, come, for we invite you

Communion Music: Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost Malcolm Archer/Friedrich Filitz

Recessional Hymn: 393 (St. Denio) Immortal, invisible, God only wise

Postlude: Moderato Josef Haydn


January 10, 2016 – Baptism of the Lord – Proper 1

Preludes: Adagio W.A.Mozart

Processional Hymn: 111 Herald, sound the note of judgement

Psalm 29 “The Lord shall give his people the blessing of peace”

Gradual Hymn: 35 Wash O God our sons and daughters

Anthem: Mighty Are Your Works, O God W.A.Mozart

Offertory Hymn: 103 (Winchester New) On Jordan’s bank, the Baptist’s cry

Communion Music:

Andante tranquillo Felix Mendelssohn

Epiphany Hymn Felix Mendelssohn

Recessional Hymn 385 Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness

Postlude: Gloria W.A.Mozart


January 3, 2016

Preludes: Brightly Shines the Magi’s Star Dietrich Buxtehude

Processional Hymn: 162 Sing of God made manifest

Offertory Hymn: 163 When Christ’s appearing was made known

Communion Music: Jesus Christ, Our Saviour Dietrich Buxtehude

Congregational Communion Hymn: 84 Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour

Recessional Hymn: 160 As with gladness men of old

Postlude: Postludium Dietrich Buxtehude