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[Hymns Archives]


March 28, 2010 – Palm Sunday


Hymn L. Lefebure-Wely

Andante Cantabile Charles-Marie Widor

Processional Hymn: 181 (St. Theodulph) All glory, laud, and honour

Psalm 31: 9-16:

Anthem: Alas, and Did My Saviour Bleed? Douglas Wagner

Alas, and did my saviour bleed,

And did my sovereign die?

Would he devote that sacred head

For sinners such as I?

Offertory Hymn: 185 (Oriel) Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle


Communion Jacques Lemmens

There Is a Green Hill Far Away James Billman

Recessional Hymn: 182 (Winchester New) Ride on, ride on in majesty

Postlude: Palm Branches John Baptiste Fauré


March 21, 2010 – Lent 5

Prelude: Jesus, Priceless Treasure Johann Gottfried Walther

Processional Hymn: 345 (Gwalchmai) King of glory, King of peace

Anthem: O Lord, I Will Praise Thee Gordon Jacob

O Lord, I will praise thee,

Though thou wast angry with me,

Thine anger is turned away,

And thou comfortest me.

Offertory Hymn: 505 (Slane) Be thou my vision


Jesus, Priceless Treasure J.S.Bach

Organ variations by Friedrich Wilhelm Zachau

Closing Hymn: 575 (Thaxted) Let streams of living justice

Postlude: Festal Flourish Gordon Jacob


March 14, 2010 – Lent 4 – Mothering Sunday


Prelude on Psalm 37:11 Herbert Howells

“But the meek shall inherit the earth”

Prelude on Hymn 450 Ralph Vaughan Williams

“You call us, Lord, to be a people set apart”

Processional Hymn:434 (Aurelia) The love of Jesus calls us

Psalm 32

Anthem: Forever Blest Is He Handel/Stanton

Forever blest are they who serve the Lord,

The loving God of all the world.

Offertory Hymn:450 (Rosymedre) You call us, Lord


O God of Bethel, By Whose Hand Hugh Wilson

Gracious Saviour, Who Honours Womankind J.F.Wade

(Mothers’ Union Hymn)

Closing Hymn: 500 (Servant Song) Sister, let me be your servant

Postlude: Allegro Mendelssohn


March 7, 2010 – Lent 3


Chorale Preludes on Hymn 446 – “Liebster Jesu” J.S.Bach

“Word of God, Come Down to Earth”

Choral Prelude on Hymn 384 – “Lobe den Herren” J.G.Walther

“Praise to the Lord, the Almighty”

Processional Hymn: 384 (Lobe den Herren) Praise to the Lord, the almighty

Anthem: Put Thou Thy Trust in God Philip Tomblings

Put thou thy trust in God,

In duty’s path go on;

Walk in His strength with faith and hope,

So shall thy work be done.

John Wesley

Offertory Hymn: 446 (Liebster Jesu) Word of God, Come Down to Earth


Ah, Holy Jesus, How Hast Thou Offended? [Herzliebster Jesu] J.S.Bach

Organ versions by J.S.Bach and Johannes Brahms

Closing Hymn: 478 (Albano) Almighty God, your word is cast

Postlude: Prelude and Fugue in F Major J.S.Bach