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Music at Services

[Hymns Archives]


October 30, 2005 – Pentecost 24

Choral Mattins


Menuet Giuseppe Tartini

Arioso J.S. Bach

Menuet in G J.S. Bach

Our Father in Heaven G.F. Handel

The St. James Orchestra

Processional Hymn: 363 (Duke Street) My soul proclaims your glory

Sentences, pp.2,3

Confession, p.4

Lord's Prayer, p.5

Ode to Joy Beethoven The St. James Orchestra

Hymn: 370 (Culbach) Songs on Praise the Angels Sang

Versicles and Responses (p.6)


Psalm 107: 1-7, 33-37 (choir)

1st Lesson

Te Deum paraphrase: 332 Thee we adore…

2nd Lesson

Benedictus paraphrase: 11 Blessed be the God of Israel (to Forest Green: 427)

3rd Lesson (Gospel)


Versicles (p.10)

Lord's Prayer and Lesser Litany (p.11)

Collect of the Day; Collects for Peace and Grace (pp.11-12)

Choir Anthem: The Gift of Love Hal Hopson

Though I may speak with bravest fire,

and have the gift to all inspire,

and have not love my words are vain,

as sounding brass, and hopeless gain.

1 Cor.: 13


Offertory Hymn: 274 (O Quantia Qualia) Here from all nations, all tongues, all peoples

Doxology: 666 Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Prayers;The Grace

Recessional Hymn: 285 (Aeterna Christi Munera) The eternal gifts of Christ the King

Postlude: Prelude and Fugue in C J.S.Bach


October 23, 2005 - Pentecost 23


Voluntary, Op.6 No.6 John Stanley

Adagio: Allegro Moderato

Voluntary, Op.6, No.4 John Stanley

Adagio: Andante

Processional Hymn: 384 (Lobe den Herren) Praise to the almighty

Anthem: Jesus, Name of Wondrous Love Robert J. Powell

Jesus, name of wondrous love!

Name all other names above!

Unto which every knee must bow

In deep humility.

Offertory Hymn: 503 (Pentecost) Fight the good fight with all thy might


Voluntary, Op.6, No.1 John Stanley

Where Charity and Love Prevail Lucius Chapin

Recessional Hymn: 309 (Praise the Lord)


Voluntary, Op.6, No.5 John Stanley

Adagio: Andante Largo


October 16, 2005 - Pentecost 22


In Green Pastures Harold Darke

Prelude on Psalm 37:11 Herbert Howells

The meek shall inherit the land, and delight themselves in abundant prosperity

Processional Hymn: 381 (Praise My Soul) Praise my soul the King of heaven

Anthem: O God, Beyond All Praising Gustav Holst

O God, beyond all praising,

We worship you today

And sing the love amazing

That songs cannot repay.

Offertory Hymn: 337 (Arnsberg) God, your glorious presence


O God, Unseen, Yet Ever Near John Day

Organ version by Healey Willan

Recessional Hymn: 572 (Concord) Let there be light

Postlude: Festal Voluntary Gordon Jacobs


October 9, 2005 - Harvest Thanksgiving


Chorale Preludes on "Now Thank We All Our God"

Randall Thompson, Max Reger, J.C.Oley, G.F.Kaufmann

Processional Hymn: 262 (St.Georges, Windsor) Come, ye thankful people, come

Anthem: Sing to the Lord of Harvest Healey Willan

Sing to the Lord of Harvest,

Sing songs of love and praise;

With joyful hearts and voices

Your alleluias raise!

The Men's and St. James' Choirs

Offertory Hymn: 401 (How Can I Keep from Singing) My life flows on in endless song

Communion: The Prayer of Thanksgiving Dutch Hymn

[The second verse of the Communion hymn was added to the original by Betty Rice]

Recessional Hymn: 399 (Nun Danket) Now thank we all our God

Postlude: Song of Thanksgiving Hugh Roberts


October 2, 2005 - Pentecost 20

Prelude: Two Preludes Felix Mendelssohn

Processional Hymn: 524 (Aurelia) O Christ, the great foundation

Anthem: The Heavens Are Telling Beethoven

The heavens are telling the Lord's endless glory,

Through all the earth his praise is found.

The seas re-echo the marvelous story:

O man, repeat that glorious sound.

Psalm 19

Offertory Hymn: 300 (Westminster Abbey) Christ is made the sure foundation


Adagio Robert Schumann

Take My Life, and Let It Be (Hymn 435) Anonymous

Recessional Hymn: 512 I Want Jesus to Walk with Me

Postlude: In the House of the Lord Franz Liszt