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Music at 10:00am Service

[Hymns Archives]


October 31, 2004 – Eve of All Saints

Festal Mattins


Three Minuets W.A.Mozart

Andante W.A.Mozart

Minuet in G J.S.Bach

The St. James Orchestra

Processional Hymn: 281 (All Saints) Who are these like stars appearing?

Fairest Lord Jesus Silesian Hymn

The St. James Orchestra

Hymn: 370 (Culbach) Songs on Praise the Angels Sang

Psalm 149 (choir)

Te Deum paraphrase: 332 Thee we adore…

Benedictus paraphrase: 11 Blessed be the God of Israel

Choir Anthem: With Songs of Rejoicing J.S. Bach

With songs of rejoicing sing praise to the Lord;

For He has done marvelous things!

Psalm 98

Offertory Hymn: 274 (O Quantia Qualia) Here from all nations, all tongues, all peoples

Doxology: 666 Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Recessional Hymn: 285 (Church Triumphant {599}) The eternal gifts of Christ the King

Postlude: Prelude and Fugue in C J.S.Bach


October 24, 2004 – Pentecost 21


Praeludium in C, BWV 943 J.S. Bach

Fuga in E, BWV 962

Fantasia in C, BWV 570

Processional Hymn: 384 (Lobe den Herren) Praise to the Lord, the almighty

Anthem: Praise to God Mark Sirett Mark Sirett

Praise to God, immortal praise,

For the love that crowns our days;

Bounteous source of every joy,

Let thy praise our tongues employ,

All to Thee, our God we owe,

Source whence all our blessings flow.

Offertory Hymn: 503 (Pentecost) Fight the good fight with all thy might

Communion: Praise to God (Hymn 263) French Melody

Recessional Hymn: 275 (Quanta Qualia) O what their glory must be

Postlude: Prelude and Fugue in E J.S. Bach


October 17, 2004 – Eve of St. Luke


Vesper Voluntaries Edward Elgar


Poco Lento

Allegretto pensoso


Processional Hymn: 560 (Moscow) God, whose almighty word


The Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Me Edward Elgar

The spirit of the Lord is upon me,

because God has appointed me to preach the gospel,

to heal the brokenhearted,

to preach deliverance to the captives,

and recovering of sight to the blind.

Offertory Hymn: 431 (Breslau) Take up your cross, the Saviour said


Your Hands, O Lord, In Days of Old (Hymn 293) Franz Joseph Haydn

Recessional Hymn: 576 (Westminster Abbey) For the healing of the nations

Postlude: Voluntary VIII Edward Elgar


October 10, 2004 – Harvest Thanksgiving

Preludes: Chorale Preludes on "Now Thank We All Our God"

     Randall Thompson, Max Reger, J.C.Oley,G.F.Kaufmann

Processional Hymn: 262 (St.Georges, Windsor) Come, ye thankful people, come

Anthem: The Prayer of Thanksgiving Dutch Folk Song

We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing,

He chastens and hastens his will to make known;

The wicked oppressing ceases from distressing,

Sing praises to his name:

He forgets not his own.

Offertory Hymn: 415 (All Things Bright) All things bright and beautiful

Communion: For the Fruits of All Creation Welsh Folk Song

Recessional Hymn: 45 (Wie lieblich ist der Maien) Down Galilee’s Slow Roadways

Postlude: Song of Thanksgiving Hugh Roberts


October 3, 2004 – Pentecost 18

Preludes: O God, You Faithful God J.S. Bach

Processional Hymn: 343 (St. Stephen) When all thy mercies, O my God

Anthem: Let All the World in Every Corner Sing Alfred Whitehead

Let all the world in every corner sing,

My God and King.

The heavans are not too high,

His praise may hither fly,

The earth is not too low,

His praises there may grow,

Let all the world in every corner sing!

Offertory Hymn: 275 (O Quantia Qualia) O what their joy and their glory must be

Communion: O Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High [628] Michael Praetorius

Recessional Hymn: 398 (Monkland) Let us with a gladsome mind

Postlude: Now Must We Jesus Laud and Sing Jacob Praetorius