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Religious services have been held at a site at the head of the North West Arm since 1857.  In that year, Dr. Charles Cogswell constructed a wooden schoolhouse on his own property at the head of the Arm, and daily prayer and scripture reading were introduced to the students.  The first religious services were conducted by Presbyterians.


Dr. Cogswell was anxious that services in the Anglican Order should be introduced.  In August 1862 the first service at what would be Saint James was conducted by the Rev. R.F. Uniacke of Saint George's Church.


In 1884, Dr. Cogswell deeded the property to the Parish of Saint Mark's Halifax to hold title as long as the school was kept in repair and Anglican services were conducted.  Until the 1919 constitution of the Parish of Saint James and Saint John's, services were conducted by clergy from Saint Mark's, assisted by lay readers.


Saint James was constituted as a separate parish in 1922.  Old Saint James was a unique structure in that it contained in its fabric the original old schoolhouse built in 1857 and four subsequent additions which resulted in a nave of 90 feet long and 20 feet wide.


The present Saint James, dedicated on February 4th, 1967, and consecrated on November 30th, 1967, incorporates within its roof structure, but as a separate unit, the original chancel and 22 feet of the old nave.  This is now called "All Souls Chapel", and in 2001, "All Souls Columbarium" was added to this chapel.


Rectors who have served at Saint James:

Rev. W.T. Townsend (1919-22)

Rev. N. LeMoine (1922-32)

Rev. A. Ledrew Gardner (1932-39)

Rev. W.E. Fuller (1940-42)

Rev. C.O. Holm (1942-75)

Rev. Ronald Harris (1975-97)

[Rev. David Garrett, assistant (1988-95)]

Rev. John Smith, Priest-In-Charge (1997-98)

Rev. Roderick Gillis (1998-2012)

Rev. Don Shipton, Priest-In-Charge (2012)

Rev. Rachael Parker (2012- )


Archival documents:

The 100th Anniversary Building Project  (5.89 MB)

The Service of Dedication (February 4, 1967)  (3.77 MB)

The Message from the Architect


St. James, Christmas 1933 (click to enlarge photo)


St. James, archival (click to enlarge painting)


St. James, archival (click to enlarge painting)

This picture was donated by Clive Bowman, son of Maynard Bowman, in memory of his father who for many years was a lay reader at St. James Church Armdale.  The picture was given to Maynard Bowman in April 1921 in recognition of his services to St. James' Congregation.


St. James, archival (click to enlarge photo)


The present day Saint James