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All Souls Chapel and Columbarium


Stained Glass Art

Ernie Clarke, Chair

Columbarium Committee

Bee Mason, Jean Bradley*, Wally Roseveare, Marian Rosborough, Vic Steele, Bev Hamm*, Gordon Bradley, Archdeacon Rod Gillis

(* wardens)


When the columbarium was dedicated on All Souls Day 2000, the Columbarium Committee was asked to continue on to explore the possibility of placing stained glass windows in the chapel.  Now, one year later, ten new stained glass windows are being dedicated, together with several items essential to the Columbarium.  Each of the ten windows is based on a carefully chosen biblical theme as noted in the Archdeacon's Reflections.  The windows are also wonderful works of art, designed by an acclaimed artist and constructed in a stained glass studio of the highest technical standards.


The Committee began the project with little knowledge of stained glass art.  We had to choose themes, select an artist to design the themes in stained glass, and find a studio to work with the artist in constructing the windows.  The two stained glass windows already in the chapel established our standard.  These two windows are fine works of art and it was decided that the new windows should be of the same high quality and reflect the historic nature of the Chapel.


We visited other churches to view stained glass designed by various artists.  We did this both as a Committee and individually in Halifax and elsewhere in the province.  Also in the past year one member was able to view stained glass windows in cathedrals and museum exhibits in five European countries: Holland, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.  As a result of this research we became confident that our choice of stained glass artist Sue Obata working in association with Sattler Studio of West LaHave, Nova Scotia, could deliver the high standard we were looking for.


Sue Obata, who lives in Toronto, is a stained glass artist with an international reputation and Norbert and Helga Sattler operate stained glass studios in both Germany and Nova Scotia.  They use only genuine antique glass, which is manufactured by age-old methods, and which was important in achieving the quality of art we wanted and in fitting most suitably in the historic space.


The Sattlers, who have carried out projects in Europe and across North America (from Halifax to Honolulu), recently associated with Ms Obata to design several large stained glass windows for a church in New York city.  We developed a good working relationship with Helga and Norbert Sattler and Sue Obata and they poured out their talents on our windows.


Each window is an exceptional work of art.  Together they create a powerful effect in the Chapel.  Light quality is all-important in stained glass, the most architectural of the arts, and the warm stained glass light from our windows lends a special atmosphere to the Chapel.  Moreover, the windows change from hour to hour, in different lighting and in different weather.  We are also pleased that they were designed by a Canadian artist and built right here in Nova Scotia.


The windows along with the new oak side doors are important elements in completing All Souls Chapel.  These elements tie the Chapel and Columbarium together to form an integrated whole.  All Souls Chapel is a special, sacred place for the worship and praise of God in our parish.  Now it is also an extremely fine architectural interior.


As with the Columbarium project a year ago, the stained glass windows were completed on budget, on time, and at no cost to the church.  The Committee wishes to thank the sponsors of the windows and other items for their generosity.  We also thank Parish Council and all Parishioners for their support.  We were able to undertake this complex project by working cooperatively together, through prayer at each stage, and always in the spirit of Christian love.