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Saint James Anglican Church


warmly welcomes all to worship with us.  We are located at the Armdale Rotary in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) and trace our history at this site back to 1857.  Here, you will find a schedule of worship services, the bible readings and hymns for this week, a calendar of parish events, an index to many activities, and an information pamphlet.


We seek to live out the Christian faith in the Anglican tradition, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We strive to grow as a welcoming, friendly, parish family that has strong liturgical, pastoral and teaching ministries. We are dedicated to fostering the values of the Christian faith in our parish, and reaching out to the wider community.


St. James is a Parish in the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Anglican Church of Canada. A warm welcome is extended to members of The Episcopal Church to worship with us while in Halifax.




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APR 21 06:30 pm Beavers (Hall)
07:00 pm Affirming Parish Prayer Vigil (Chapel)
APR 22 07:00 pm Venturers (Hall)
APR 23 10:00 am Holy Communion (Chapel)
10:30 am Coffee time (Office)
11:00 am Book study (Narthex)
05:00 pm Christian Meditation (Narthex)
06:30 pm Cubs (Hall)
APR 24 07:00 pm Scouts (Hall)
APR 26 09:00 am

Yard Sale

APR 27 08:30 am

Holy Eucharist (BCP)

10:00 am

Holy Eucharist (BCP)

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My brothers and sisters in the Risen Christ, Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

As we celebrate this glorious season of Easter, we all have so very much to be thankful for: spring is coming; our Church is a wonderful place to gather and celebrate our Faith Family's presence; and we have been given, by the grace of God, the incredible gift of new life in Christ. Please join me in taking time as you read this letter to offer a prayer of sincere thanksgiving to God for the generosity of life and love shared so freely with us.

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Please be advised that on May 4, 2014 at 12:15pm, the Congregation of St. James Anglican Church Armdale will convene a Congregational Meeting to vote on the following motion:

Preamble: At the Diocesan Synod of2011, every Parish was required to make a decision as to whether the Parish would consider themselves to be an "Affirming Parish." As per the Diocesan instructions, an "Affirming Parish" is a Parish which is willing to provide a liturgy for the Blessing of a civilly-contracted marriage of two people of the same gender. This liturgy of blessing is not a Marriage Rite. It is not a sacrament. It is simply a blessing.

The Motion to be voted upon is as follows:

Saint James Anglican Church, Armdale resolves to be an Affirming Parish within the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, offering a Liturgy of Blessing of the Union of Same-Gendered, legally married, couples, following Episcopal and Diocesan policies and direction.

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